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The diploma "60 years in space!"

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 1-07-2017, 04:16
Категория: News / Diplomas RCWC / Rallies and days of activity RCWC

The diploma "60 years in space!"



The diploma is founded by the Russian telegraph club (R-CW-C) with joint participation of clubs DRC (Lazarevskoye), CQCW (Anapa), Sporadic (Kursk) and club "CBG" - "A bear glade" (Liski). The diploma is issued for radio communications with the amateur radio stations using call signs of temporary use, received by them for participation in a marathon. The diploma is devoted to a significant event, noted this year – 60 to the anniversary of flight of the first artificial Earth satellite.


Date of start of the satellite is considered on October 4, 1957 the beginning of a space age of mankind.


Time of performance of conditions of the diploma:


- beginning: On July 22, 2017 (00:00 MOSCOW TIME);

- ending: On August 6, 2017 (23:59 MOSCOW TIME).



Bands: 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 m.


During the specified period of time for amateur bands 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 meters by telegraph, will work radio stations with call signs of temporary use (further special event stations):


Special event station of team of R-CW-C club


R17CWC - Krasnodar Krai;


Special event stations the representing federal districts and regions of Russia


RA17CW - Central Federal District;

RC17CW - Republic of Adygea;

RD17CW - Far Eastern Federal District;

RG17CW - North Caucasian Federal District;

RL17CW - Volga Federal District;

RM17CW - Southern Federal District;

RO17CW - Republic of Bashkortostan;

RN17CW - Ural Federal District;

RQ17CW - Siberian Federal District;

RU17CW - Northwestern Federal District;

RX17CW - Republic Kabardino-Balkaria;


Special event stations the representing radio clubs


R17CWB - radio club "A bear glade" - Voronezh region;

R17CWD - radio club "Dolphins" - Krasnodar Krai;

R17CWQ - radio club of "CQCW" - Krasnodar Krai;

R17CWW - radio club of Sporadik - Krasnodar Krai;


Special event stations of individual operators


R17CWH - Primorskiy Krai;

R17CWY– Vladimir region;

RJ17CW - Chelyabinsk region;

RK17CW - Irkutsk region;

RT17CW - Tambov region;

RV17CW - Moscow region;

RW17CW - Astrakhan region;

RZ17CW - Krasnodar Krai.


Performance conditions:


For the organization of work of Special event stations within the Telegraph marathon and the automated downloading of the executed diplomas on the website RCWC.RU the RCWC Log service is created.


Operators of Special event stations upon termination of each session on air carry out filling of the logs in base of service. Repeated radio communications: (Worked coincidence + Call + Band) are traced when filling and automatically are removed the ROBOT, leaving in base the first by date and time communication.


The logs are available to viewing to all radio fans as registered on the website, and to guests of club.

In RCWC Log UTC time is used.


Each radio communication with special event stations (see the list above) earns for the applicant 1 point.


The diploma has 3 degrees:


- on the diploma of the 3rd degree it is necessary to score 30 points;

- on the diploma of the 2nd degree it is necessary to score 40 points;

- on the diploma of the 1st degree it is necessary to score 60 points.


You can check the course of performance of conditions of the diploma on the RCWC Log service of the website of R-CW-C.


Diplomas free are also issued to all radio fans of the world in electronic form who have satisfied his conditions.


If conditions of the diploma are satisfied by the applicant, then for him function of automatic downloading of the diploma is activated.

Note: SWL wishing to gain diplomas have to send the application in a free form to the degree manager to E-Mail: rm4c@mail.ru.


On questions, concerning works of all RCWCLOG service and a downloads of diplomas to address Stepanov Sergey (RM4C) on E-Mail: rm4c@mail.ru




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