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Award "8 March - Cherchez la Femme"

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 6-03-2017, 18:46
Категория: News / Diplomas RCWC

Award "8 March - Cherchez la Femme"




The diploma is established by RCWC in honour of our beautiful half - the International Women's Day - the 8th of March.
- Men-radio amateurs have to conduct not less than one contact with women-radio amateurs from any country of the world during the period from the 4th to 10th of March,2017. Contacts are valid if there are female names or YL(XYL) in received report.
- Women will be awarded on the basis of data of contacts with them in men's applications or being noticed working in the days of diploma's action.
- Wives and girl-friends,having allowed their men to work on the air on the 8th of March, are awarded by thankful certificates. An amateur has to confirm this,having written in his application her name(anonymity is guaranteed). The certificate is sent to him personally for presentation....

Diplomas for men and women and certificates for wives and girl-friends have their own original design.

The diploma's space of action : from the 4th of March (00:00 UTC) to the 10th of March, 2017 (23:59 UTC)
Bands: 160M; 80M; 40M; 30M; 20M; 17M; 15M; 12M; 10M.
Mode: telegraph (CW)
For congratulations from men and to help them to fulfil the diploma we invite YL of all countries
to work on the air on the 8th of March. They particularly hope to meet on the air women who are
members of our club:

9A5SM Мariya RCWC # 740
CX1JJ Маriyana RCWC# 725
E41MT Mаi RCWC# 913
HA5BA Кlara RCWC # 653
R2DLM Irina RCWC# 781
RL7D Larisa RCWC# 915
RA3RPW Valentina RCWC # 549
RA6FYL Оlga RCWC# 819
RO2DM Ulyana RCWC# 478
RU3XY Irina RCWC # 088

SWLs get the diploma for two-way observations on the same conditions.

The application in text file is handed in only by men and desirablely at once after having conducted a contact.
The deadline of handing in the application is the 18th of March,2017.
The application's form is an extract from the log with data about yourself and contacts.

The diploma's manager: Mikhail R7AO
E-Mail for applications: R7AO @ MAIL.RU
Diplomas and certificates are issued in electronic format.








The Council of RCWC

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