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RCWC » News » Diploma "Telegraph Marathon R-CW-C 2021"rss

Diploma "Telegraph Marathon R-CW-C 2021"

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 12-07-2021, 09:58
Категория: News / Telegraph Marathon 2021

Diploma "Telegraph Marathon R-CW-C 2021"



The diploma was established by the Russian Telegraph Club (R-CW-C). The diploma is awarded for contacts with amateur radio stations - members of the club R-CW-C, participating in the Telegraph Marathon 2021.


Time of the fulfilment of the conditions of the diploma:

- beginning: July 28, 2021 (00:00 MSK);

- ending: August 13, 2021 (23:59 MSK).

Modulation: Telegraph (CW)

Bands: 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80, 160 meters.


Amateur radio stations - members of the club R-CW-C (activators) will be working on the HF bands on the air in the specified period of time. Modulation - CW. The format of the general call is CQ CALL ... CQ CALL TM RCWC.

Contacts with each of the activators are counted on different bands, and on each of them once.

Diplomas are free and issued electronically to all radio amateurs of the world who have fulfilled its conditions.


A common part:


To organize the work of amateur radio stations within the framework of the rally and telegraph marathon, as well as automated download of completed diplomas, the RCWCLog service is organized on the rcwc.ru website.


Activators at the end of each session on the air fill their logs in the database of the service. Repeated contacts: (Worked + Call + Band coincidences) are tracked at the time of filling and automatically deleted by the ROBOT, leaving the connection first in date and time.


Note: Communication with an activator radio station operating under special conditions and having an optional fractional part (/M, /P, /QRP) in its callsign is counted as a connection to the callsign without this optional fractional part, ie R4CP/6, R4CP/6/M, R4CP/6/P - in the telegraph marathon are considered one callsign and are entered in RCWCLog as R4CP/6. Accordingly, R4CP/6 and R4CP are two different callsigns.


Logs are available for viewing to all radio amateurs both registered on the site and to the guests of the club.

RCWC Log uses the UTC time.


With each new filling of any log into the database (with each change of the base), a tournament table is automatically generated, the task of which is to allocate seats among the participants of the marathon at the current time.


The principle of allocation of seats in the standings of the "Telegraph Marathon".


1 The table contains callsigns of participants who have at least 11 radio contacts with any marathon activators;

The advantage (higher place) is the participant having the greater number of credited contacts (points);


2 With equal number of credited contacts (points), the advantage is given to a participant who has more active activators in his account;

With an equal number of credited contacts (points) and an equal number of activated activators, the participant has the advantage, having conducted his contacts on more bands.


3 If all the conditions listed in clause 4 (equal to QSO, activators and Bands) are equal, the participant has the advantage, who showed his result earlier (the time of the last credited QSO).


At the end of the marathon and the last filling of the log into the base, the standings are fixed and the final determination of the winners takes place. To fully sum up the results and accept claims from the marathon participants, 4 days are assigned, after which the winners and the final number of holders of diplomas "R-CW-C-2019 Telegraph Marathon" are determined.


Terms of fulfillment:


The diploma has 3 degrees:


Diploma of 3 degrees (basic):


The basic diploma is given for conducting at least 11 contacts with radio stations of marathon activators on any radio amateur HF bands (10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80, 160 meters). Numbering of diplomas - according to the occupied place in the standings after fixing it after the end of the marathon.


Diploma of the 2nd degree:


A diploma of the 2 degree is awarded for conducting at least 11 radio communications with radio stations of marathon activists on any 5 of 9 amateur radio stations in the ranges (10. 12. 15. 17. 20. 30. 40. 80. 160 meters). Numbering of diplomas - according to the occupied place in the standings after fixing it after the end of the marathon


Diploma of 1 degree:


A diploma of 1 degree is given for conducting at least 11 radio communications with radio stations of marathon activators on any 6 of 9 amateur radio bands (10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80, 160 meters). Numbering of diplomas - according to the occupied place in the standings after fixing it after the end of the marathon.


You can check the status of the diploma on the RCWCLog service of the RCWC website.


At the end of the summing-up of the results of the "Telegraph Marathon R-CW-C-2019" on RCWCLog service of the site rcwc.ru, the function of automatic download of diplomas is activated for all those who fulfilled their conditions.




- Observers wishing to receive diplomas should send an application in free form to the diploma manager on E-Mail: rm4c@mail.ru.

- For questions concerning the operation of the whole RCWCLog service and the diploma downloads, contact Stepanov Sergey (RM4C) on E-Mail: rm4c@mail.ru

- You can learn more about the operation of the RCWCLog service in the instructions for the Telegraph Marathon for 2017 under the link http://rcwc.ru/2276-instrukciya-polzovatelya-rcwclog.html


When reading this, it should be borne in mind that instead of special call signs this year in the marathon will sound the personal callsign of the activators- participants.

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