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Гость→ Просматривает новость: RCWC 4 SEASONS contest - 2016(Autumn stage)
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RCWC » News » RCWC 4 SEASONS contest - 2016 (Autumn stage)rss

RCWC 4 SEASONS contest - 2016 (Autumn stage)

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 5-10-2016, 23:33
Категория: News / Contests RCWC

RCWC 4 SEASONS contest - 2016  (Autumn stage)




The competition is conducted by RUSSIAN CW CLUB

Novosibirskaya oblast,Russia.


Start: 29th October 2016 at 10:00 UTC

Finish: 29th October 2016 at 20:59 UTC


Mode: CW

Bands: 80 м, 40 м, 20 м

Open club R-CW-C соmpitition (autumn lap 2016).

Control time: - 3 tours for 60 мinutes

Reckoning of result: two best tours.


.:: Reckoning time and frequencies: ::. 

1 tour - 29.10.2016 - 20M - (10:00 UTC - 10:59 UTC ) - (14010 - 14060 Khz);

2 tour - 29.10.2016 - 40M - (16:00 UTC - 16:59 UTC) - ( 7010 – 7040KHz);

3 tour - 29.10.2016 - 80M - (20:00 UTC – 20:59 UTC) - ( 3510 - 3560KHz).


At any moment of time participant can transmit only one signal.

Not members of the club trasmit separate numbers in every tour.

A duplicate contact is allowed only in different tours.

A participant fulfils all actions by himself.

It is allowed to use DX-info,clusters,skimmers.

Self-spotting is prohibited and transmission of data about QTC is prohibited in cluster.

Contest call: "CQ RCWC" or "CQ RCWC TEST"

The list of members of “RUSSIAN CW CLUB” is on the site of the club:



.:: Classes: ::. 

A.Guests "RCWC"

A1. SO- guests of “RCWC”- more than 100 watts

A2. SO- guests of "RCWC"- less than 100 watts

B. Members "RCWC"

B1. SO- member of "RCWC"- more than 100 watts

B2. SO- member of "RCWC"- less than 100 watts

C. MO(2-3 ops)- one transmitter

D. SWL(1-3 swls)- one receiver


.:: Contest Exchange: ::. 

Guests of the club "RCWC" transmit RST and current number of QSO separate in every tour.

For example: in the first tour-599 001,in the second tour- 599 001 and so on.

Members of the club "RCWC" transmit RST and the group(QTC) from 5 consonants of Latin alphabet.

For example: 599 RCPBQ.

QTC is formed by participants themselves.

Transmission of vowels of Latin alphabet: A; E; I; O; U; Y

is prohibited,

as well as the transmission of meaningful Q-code: for example:


Members of the club "RCWC" transmit different QTC(formed by themselves)

in every tour.For example: in the first tour: 599 PVBJH, in the second tour:

599 LDZXS and in the third tour: 599 ZKMBN.

P.S. It is not recommended to use in QTC the consecutiveness of the lower

row of keyboard as ZXCVB.Many members of the club began to use it forgetting

that the last letter "B" is not read very well in the last sign of the group

in QRM and what is more it makes the receiving side exert which can meet this QTC

many times in a row and as a result: spare inquiries.


.:: Points: ::. 

Each contact gives one point.

Each contact with a member of "RCWC" club gives 5 points in every tour.

Each correctly received QTC gives bonus of 5 points.

If QTC is received with even one mistake bonus is not given, but a contact is okay but without bonus.

Counting of result is not obligatory.


.:: Multiplier: ::. 

There is no multiplier in this contest.


.:: Counting of result: ::. 

The result is the sum of points of two best tours from three.

Example: there are 10 QSOs in the first tour,there are 5 QSOs with the members

of the club and one QTC from 5 is received with mistake: 10 + (5 х 5) + ((5 - 1) х 5) = 55 points

The second and third tours have 40 and 20 points.

Two first tours go into account: 55+40=95

For Polar and Far East stations the points are multiplied by coefficient 2.

Remarks for SWLs:


.:: Counting points for SWLs: ::. 

SWLs must receive both correspondences' calls and their contest exchange.

Mutual observation gives three points.

One-way observation gives one point.

The same call on every band may be pointed out not more than five times in the tour.


.:: Awards: ::. 

The sum up of the year will be conducted according to the best three results from four laps of the Cup.

According to the sum up of the year plaquettes will be given in all classes provided by Regulations about sponsors.

One can read "Regulations about sponsors" on the main page of the site: rcwc.ru

For winners and prize-men in classes and bands in every lap of the Cup and according to the sum up

of the year diplomas will be sent by e-post.


.:: Logs: ::. 

Logs are sent only in Cabrillo format.


CREATED-BY: TR4W v.4.229 [RUS]











EMAIL: ra3dh@mail.ru

QSO: 3500 CW 2016-10-29 2026 R8OA 599 CFPRQ UR5VR 599 93

QSO: 3500 CW 2016-10-29 2029 R8OA 599 CFPRQ UT8EU 599 LKJNM


Example of the log for a guest:

QSO: 3500 CW 2016-10-29 2026 RU3DPN 599 001 UR5VO 599 93

QSO: 3500 CW 2016-10-29 2029 RU3DPN 599 002 UT8EU 599 LKJNM



.:: Address for logs: ::. 


One must show only callsign,class and band in the subject.



Subject: R8OA B2 80

To attach files:

R8OA B2 80

Home page: http://www.rcwc.ru


.:: Deadline for sending the log: ::. 

November 5th , 2016

Eligible Entrants:

All radio amareurs working CW.


.:: Comments: ::. 

If there is an equality in points the preference has a participant who gathered the most quantity of points from confirmed received QTC. QSOs do not count.

- with distorted callsigns, contest exchange, RST;

- difference in time of conducting QSOs more than three minutes;

- systematic mistakes in the log( only at transmitting side);

- for not confirmed correspondent by the log.

Member of the club "RCWC" who compiled groups with violation of regulation about vowels is fined by 10% from quantity of points for QSOs.

A participant has no bonus of 5 points for wrong received QTC from the member of the club, but for the QSO conducted with him points are not taken away.



Russian CW Club Contest Committee

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