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RCWC » News » Regulations on the Days of Activity, dedicated to the 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morserss

Regulations on the Days of Activity, dedicated to the 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 26-03-2021, 00:00
Категория: News / Rallies and days of activity RCWC

Regulations on the Days of Activity,

dedicated to the 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse



1 Organizer of activity days

The organizer of the days of activity is the informal public organization "Russian Telegraph Club" (Russian CW Club, R-CW-C).

Chairman of the club's council is Stepanov S.B. (RM4C).

Date of establishment of the club: October 22, 2010.

The site of the club http://rcwc.ru/.

2 Participants of the days of activity

Radio amateurs all over the world are invited to participate in the days of activity.

During the event amateur radio stations - members of the club R-CW-C (activators) will work on the air. The number of activators is not limited, any member of the club at any time of the marathon can become an activator and contribute to the event. The mandatory condition is to provide your log for download to the R-CW-C site.

A separate diploma is established for activists. Read more about diplomas in paragraphs 7 and 8 of this provision.

3 Goals and objectives of activity days

3.1 Commemorate the 230th anniversary of the birth of telegraph inventor Samuel Morse.

3.2 Popularizing amateur radio communication using a telegraph.

3.3 Providing the opportunity for amateur radio operators around the world to fulfill the conditions of a diploma, and activators - to increase skill. The conditions of the diplomas of the days of activity are given in paragraph 7 and 8 of this document.

4 Period of activity days

Days of activity are spent to the period from 00:00 MOSCOW TIME on April 26, 2021 till 23:59 MOSCOW TIME on April 30, 2021

5 Radio stations-activators of the activity days

During the period of activity days amateur radio stations - members of the club R-CW-C (activators) will work on the air. The type of modulation is CW. CALL format... CQ CALL RCWC.

Each member of the R-CW-C club who wishes to become an activator must notify the organizing committee at the e-mail address rm4c@mail.ru. The current list of activators is published on the club website.

Activators are required to send their LOG daily to the organizing committee for filling to the rcwc.ru website.

6 Activity days program

Event Dates



26.04.2021 – 30.04.2021

The work activators on the air


01.05.2021 – 30.08.2021

Summing up, determining the winners. Issue of diplomas to participants

7 Terms of the diploma « Morse -230»

Duration of the conditions of the diplomas:

- beginning: 26/04/2021 (00:00 Moscow time);

- ending: 30/04/2021 (23:59 Moscow time).

Type of modulation: Telegraph (CW)

Bands: 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80, 160 meters.

During this period of time amateur radio stations - members of the club R-CW-C (activators) will work actively on the air.

Diplomas are free, given to hams in electronic format.

The diploma is issued for conducting at least 10 radio communications with these radio stations.

Activators receive this diploma at number 1, regardless of the number of carried out QSO.

Diplomas are issued for working with the above radio stations

To organize the activators work during the days of activity and automated download of the completed diplomas, the RCWCLOG service operates on the RCWC.RU website.

Activators at the end of each session on the air fill their logs in the database of the service within 24 hours. Repeated radio communications: (Worked + Call + Band coincidences) are tracked at the time of filling and automatically deleted by the ROBOT, leaving the first connection in date and time. Nevertheless, it is not recommended that the activators transmit QSO B4 for the re-calling station, but fully conduct radio communications and record it in the hardware log.

Logs are available for viewing to all radio amateurs both registered on the site and to the guests of the club as well.

Diplomas are available for download by participants immediately after their completion.

Notes: SWLs wishing to receive diplomas should send an application in free form to the diploma manager on E-Mail: rm4c@mail.ru.

8 Terms of the activator diploma "Morse - 230"

The diploma is issued for conducting at least 100 radio communications as an activator within the framework of the days of activity. The number of radio communications conducted is determined by the "Activator Table" in the RCWCLog, which excludes repeated QSOs from the general list.

Diplomas are available for download by activists two days after the end of the event.

For questions concerning the operation of the entire RCWCLOG service and the diploma downloads, contact Stepanov Sergey (RM4C) at E-Mail:  rm4c@mail.ru




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