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RCWC » News » RCWC - RPX Contest 2022rss

RCWC - RPX Contest 2022

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 27-08-2022, 00:01
Категория: News / Contests RCWC

RCWC - RPX Contest 2022



RCWC - RPX Contes is organised by the Russian telegraphy club.

Start: September 10, 2022, at 12.00 UTC 
End: September 10, 2022, at 15.59 UTC       


Modulation mode: CW

Bands: 80 м, 40 м, 20 м, 15 м, 10 м


Members as well as guests of the Russian CW CLUB are invited to participate.
Recommended frequencies: 3510-3560KHz; 7010-7040KHz; 14010-14060KHz; 21010-21060KHz; 28010-28060KHz.
The maximum total operating ‘on-time' in all categories is 240 minutes.
General call: “CQ RPX”.


.:: SECTIONS ::.

A. Stations,located in the territory of the Russian Federation:
A1 Single operator - power more than 100 watts. 
A2. Single operator - power between 6 and 100 watts
A3. Single operator - power up to 5 watts maximum

B. Stations,located outside of the Russian Federation:
B1. Single operator - power more than 100 watts. 
B2. Single operator - power between 6 and 100 watts
B3. Single operator - power up to 5 watts maximum

С. Multi-operator: Stations located inside or outside the territory of the Russian Federation - and all power categories.


.:: EXCHANGE ::.

Participants send RST and serial number of QSO.


.:: POINTS ::.

For each QSO with a station located in the territory of the Russian Federation all participants get 10 points.
For each QSO with a station located beyond the territory of the Russian Federation all participants get 5 points.
QSOs with the same stations are valid on different bands.



The multiplier is the number of different worked prefixes of stations located in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Each Russian Federation PREFIX is counted only once, regardless of the band or number of contacts conducted with the same prefix. 
The definition of the prefix is given below in the "Note" section.



The total score is calculated as the product of the accumulated points times by the multiplier.
The participant's own total score calculation for their entry is optional.


.:: AWARDS ::.

For the 1st places in the subgroups the initiative group of club founded memorable plaquettes.
All participants gain diplomas in electronic form.
Any radio fan to the patron having a call sign, and also not having call sign, is given an opportunity at the good will to note and award any winner or the participant in these competitions, in any class or group. It is necessary to report about the desire to participate in rewarding on the e-mail address rm4c (at) mail.ru.


.:: ENTRIES ::.

Entries are accepted online in Cabrillo format.
The subject line of the email one must show only the callsign.
Sample entry Cabrillo format:

CREATED-BY: TR4W v.4.229 [RUS]
EMAIL: ra3dh@mail.ru
QSO: 7000 CW 2022-09-10 1326 R8OA 599 123 UR5VR 599 93
QSO: 7000 CW 2022-09-10 1329 R8OA 599 124 UT8EU 599 23



E-mail: rcwc@rambler.ru



Entries must be received by 20 September 2022.



All licensed radio fans of the world working with telegraph except for the radio stations which are in the territory of the Russian Federation and using the call signs of temporary use received by them for other actions. Radio communications with such radio stations are not set off, points and multipliers for them are not charged.


.:: COMMENTS ::.

If the number of points is equal, the participant with a larger multiplier has the advantage.
There are no limits for the number of band changes for any competitors.
Contacts are not counted:
- if there arecopiederrorsin callsigns, serial numbers, RST report;
- if there is a difference in the time of the contact of more than 3 minutes;
- if there are system errors in the entry (only for the transmitting party).


.:: NOTE ::.

The prefix is ​​the letter / figure combinations that make up the first part of the radio amateur callsign. For example: R1, RA2, RL3, RM4, etc.
Any difference in figures, letters or the order of their occurrence counts as separate prefix.

In the case of temporary operation of a station from another country or amateur radio area, the identifier of the temporary QTH determines the prefix.
For example: R8OA/7 will count as R7, RM4C/6 will count as RM6, etc.
For QTH temporary identifiers which do not contain numbers, zero (0) is automatically added to create the prefix.
Example: RA / UT3IZ will be counted as RA0.
For Marine, mobile, / A, / E, / J, / P, or identifiers for the temporary owner of the station, identifiers are not counted as prefixes


.:: RCWC championship::.
Within the "RCWC - RPX Contest" will be carried out the RCWC Championship with parallel offset among clubmen of RCWC.
The judiciary board itself will make selection of clubmen and will make among them offset on the same classes which are defined in the Provision of competitions.
In the presence of sponsors rewarding with plaquettes will be made. All participants members of RCWC will gain diplomas in electronic form. 


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