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Diploma "Mankind dream" - 2019

Добавил: RM4C » Дата: 5-04-2019, 03:53
Категория: News / Diplomas RCWC

Diploma "Mankind dream" - 2019



Since ancient times communication of the person and the Universe was interesting to mankind.

The dream of conquest of space, its cold and attracting stars, still long since arose in consciousness of mankind. Still in the ancient time governors and philosophers with interest watched stars and dreamed of that time when they are able to touch them.

On April 12, 1961 the new milestone in planet life Earth began — it became clear that the person can go out of the habitat that its horizons extend to unimaginable scales.

Flight of the Russian guy Yury Gagarin made a hypothesis of a possibility of practical activities of the person in space reality, opened the new direction in development of a civilization, and in it its enduring scientific value. Sergey Pavlovich Korolev and Yury Alekseyevich Gagarin. They together passed a difficult stage after which the road to space became also pryamy more widely. They met forever to stay together in memory national - the Chief designer and the First astronaut.

The diploma "A mankind dream" is founded by the Russian telegraphy club R-CW-C in the memory of these wonderful people – space pioneers.


Performance conditions:

During the period since April 4, 2019 (00:00 MOSCOW TIME) till April 12, 2019 (23:59 MOSCOW TIME) working on air it is necessary to score 58 points (by number of the years which passed from the date of the first flight in space).

Type of radiation: telegraph (CW).

Bands: 10 m, 12 m, 15 m, 17 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 80 m and 160 m.

System of addition of points:
Radio communications with the amateur radio stations working from regions of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan with which life is connected and stages of the biography of S.P. Korolev and Yu.A. Gagarin bring to the applicant 5 points:

Zhytomyr and the Zhytomyr Region (Ukraine) is the birthplace of S.P. Korolev;

Kiev and the Kiev Region (Ukraine) is the place of study of S.P. Korolev;

Moscow and the Moscow Region – the place of the last years of life and S.P. Korolev's work;

Smolensk and the Smolensk Region – the birthplace of Yu.A. Gagarin;

Saratov and the Saratov Region – the place of study of Yu.A. Gagarin and the place of the end of the first flight;

Kzylorda the Kzylordinsky Region (Kazakhstan) is the place of start of the first flight (Baikonur Cosmodrome);

Vladimir and the Vladimir Region – the place of death of Yu.A. Gagarin in plane crash.

Radio communications with the amateur radio stations using the call signs of temporary use devoted to celebration of day of astronautics bring to the applicant 10 points.


Radio communications with other radio fans of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan bring to the applicant on 1 point.

Repeated radio communications are set off on different bands.


Applications are accepted through service Diplomas on the website rcwc.ru. It is possible to study the instruction for application according to the reference.
The address for reference: rm4c(at)mail.ru


The application for the diploma is formed in the form of an extract from the hardware magazine.

The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic form. To observers the diploma is issued on similar conditions.

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